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Core facilities at Texas A&M University, Texas A&M Agrilife Research, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station, and Texas A&M University Health Science Center provide researchers and students access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, technologies, specialized scientific services, and expert consultation.  These facilities enhance the research enterprise and our core facility directors and expert technical staff have helped our faculty generate more than $866 million in research expenditures.  

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iLab Cores at Texas A&M University


Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
IBT Antibody and Biopharmaceutics Core

Antibody & Biopharmaceutics Core provides researchers with access to state-of-the-art technologies for the generation of customized monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, and engineered antibody fragments.

Jason Schultz 713-677-7808
IBT Center for Advanced Imaging

Center for Advanced Imaging develops a framework to accelerate drug discovery and therapeutic development through leading edge R&D and screening.

Leoncio Vergara 409.750.2153
IBT Flow Cytometry Analysis and Cell Sorting

Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core facility at the IBT in Houston provides state of the art cell sorting and analytical Flow Cytometry services to its users.

Margie Moczygemba, PhD 713.677.8114
IBT High Throughput Research and Screening Center

HIgh Throughput Research and Screening Center provides industry standard high throughput screening and microscopy capabilities to scientists carrying out chemical and genomic biochemical and drug discovery research.

Clifford Stephan 713-677-7456

Cores at Texas A&M Zachry Engineering Education Complex (ZACH)

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Advanced Automation Lab

David Staack 979.845.4063
Controls Lab

David Staack
Cyber-Physical Lab

David Staack
Design Center

James Wilson 979.862.8402
Electrical Measurements Lab

David Staack 979.845.4063
Electrical Science Lab

David Staack
Fluids Lab

Ramalakshmi Akella 979.862.1706 
High Bay Lab

David Staack
Materials Lab

David Staack 979.845.4063
Transport Phenomena Lab

David Staack 979.845.4063

Other cores at Texas A&M University

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Advanced Materials Characterization Equipment

Kirk Martin (979) 317-1203
AggieFab Nanofabrication Facility

Dr. Arum Han
Biomedical Engineering Shared Laboratories

Amanda Myatt 979-458-2317
CIR Control Room Lab

Ikponmwosa Idehen 334-444-1816
College of Dentistry Research Core

Dr. Shannon Kramer 214-828-8344
College of Medicine Cell Analysis Facility (COM-CAF)

Dr. Robert Alaniz 979-436-0844
Flow Cytometry Facility

Gus Wright, PhD 979-458-9859
Geochemical Environmental Research

Yina Liu (979)458-5932
Human Clinical Core

Richard B. Kreider, PhD 458-1498
Image Analysis Lab

Dr. Robert Burghardt (979) 847-8555
Integrated Metabolomics Analysis Core

Cory Klemashevich (979) - 845 - 4832
Laboratory for Biological Mass Spectrometry (LBMS) Core

Xueyun Zheng (979) 458-0333
Materials Characterization Facility

Dr. Yordanos Bisrat 979-862-5958
Mechanical Engineering Shared Services Facilities

Haejune Kim 862-3207
Molecular Genomics Workspace

Texas A&M Institute for Genome Sciences and Society (TIGSS) has established number of shared resources to support molecular biology and genomics research.

Andrew Hillhouse 979-458-5678
NMR Core

Gregory Wylie 979-458-0705
National Corrosion and Materials Reliability Lab

Raymundo Case (979) 458-1090
Nuclear Science Center

Jerry Newhouse 979-845-7551
Protein Chemistry Laboratory

Lawrence Dangott 979-845-2965
Rodent Pre-Clinical Phenotyping Core

Alexandra Trott, PhD 940-368-2374
Soft Matter Facility (SoMF)

David Truong (979) 458-8454
Structural and Materials Testing

Charlie Droddy (979) 317-1210
Systems and Synthetic Biology Core

Furong Lin 9798624801
TAMU Qatar - Central Materials Facility

Dr. Wubulikasimu Yiming 44230284
TAMU Qatar - Fuel Characterization Laboratory

Nasr Mohammad Nasr (o) +974.4423.0460 | (m) +974.3391.2472
The Microscopy and Imaging Center

Dr. Kristen Maitland 979-845-1864
X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory

Joseph Reibenspies 979-845-9125

non-iLab Cores at Texas A&M University

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
3D Printing

Jason Charanza 979-847-9051
Advanced Diagnostic Imaging

Alan Glowczwski 979-847-8477
AggieFab Nanofabrication Facility

The AggieFab Nanofabrication Facility is a shared nano/micro fabrication facility, having over 5,000 square feet of class 100/1000 cleanroom space and more than 50 pieces of nano/micro fabrication and analysis equipment.

Arum Han 979-845-9686
AgriGenomics Lab

The emphasis of the The AgriGenomics Laboratory is on plant/seedling/seed nucleic acid extractions, plate-based fluorescence spectrophotometry, PCR-based simplex genotyping (KASP assays) and CNV analyses (CLA assays).

David Stelly 979-845-2745
Automated Fabrication & Design Lab

Chris Paulk 979-862-3730
Bio Energy Testing and Analysis Laboratory

The BETA lab has a complete set of testing and analysis facilities for biomass, biofuels, bio-products and high value chemicals in a centralized laboratory that follows standardized, high-quality analysis of biomass properties and their conversion products.

Sergio Capareda 979-458-3028
BioAquatics Facility

Duncan MacKenzie 979-845-7701
Biogeochemistry Services

Jay Rooker 409-470-4744
Biology Instrument Shop

Victor Johnson 979-845-9285
Biomolecular NMR Laboratory

Tatyana Igumenova 979-845-6312
Brazos Cluster

Guy Almes 979-862-3982
Cell Analysis Facility

Jane Miller 979-436-9442
Center for Advanced Imaging

Michael Mancini 713-798-8952
Center for Educational Technologies

Jodi Korich 979-862-2027
Center for Mass Spectrometry

Doyong Kim 979-845-0613
Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology

Winfried Tiezer 979-845-7730
Chemistry Mass Spectrometry Facility

Bo Wang 979-845-8404
Collaboratory for Analysis of Membrane Proteins

Arthur Laganowsky 713-677-7541
Comparative Medicine Program

James Elliot 979-845-7433
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Laboratory

Vincent VanBuren 254-742-7005
Computational Materials Science Laboratory

Raymundo Arróyave 979-845-5416
DNA Technologies Core Laboratory

James Derr 979-862-4775
Electronics Shop

Timothy Pehl 979-845-2632
Elemental Analysis Laboratory

William James 979-845-7630
Flow Cytometry

Darwin Prockop 254-771-6810
Flow Cytometry Facility

Roger Smith 979-845-5167
Fuel Cycle and Materials Laboratory

Shawn McDeavitt 979-862-1745
Gene Technologies Lab

Xiangyu Shi 936-857-3020
Genomics and Bioinformatics Services

Charlie Johnson 979-862-3287
Geochemical and Environmental Research Group

Anthony Knap 979-458-9328
Glass Shop

Bill Merka 979-845-2732
Gnotobiotic Animal Facility

Robert Alaniz 979-862-4653
Haynes Coastal Engineering Laboratory

Kuang-An Chang 979-845-4504
High Bay Structural and Materials Testing Laboratory

Peter Keating 979-845-9969
Histology Core Facility

Larry Bellinger 214-828-8322
Histology Services Laboratory

Louise Abbott 979-845-2269
IMAC Metabolomics Core

The mission of the Integrated Metabolomics Analysis Core Facility is to provide the TAMU research community with cutting edge expertise and services for sensitive, precise, and accurate measurement of small molecules and metabolites using mass spectrometry based technologies.

Arul Jayaraman 979-845-3306
Image Analysis Laboratory

Robert Burghardt 979-862-4083
Immersive Visualization Center

Steven Johnson 979-845-4267
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Lab

Carl Tong 254-742-7033
Integrated Microscopy and Imaging Laboratory

Andreea Trache 254-742-7033
Laboratory for Genome Technology

Eun-Gye No 979-458-0018
Laboratory for Molecular Simulation

Michael Hall 979-845-1843
Laboratory for Oceanographic and Environmental Resaerch

Peter Santschi 409-740-4476
Laboratory for Synthetic-Biologic Interactions

The LSBI is designed to be a multi-user laboratory supporting major research initiatives. Available instrumentation is capable of probing structure, properties and interactions of and between synthetic and biologic substrates from the molecular scale to nanoscopic dimensions.

Karen Wooley 979-845-4077
Machine Shop

William Seward 979-845-3129
Magnetic Resonance Systems Lab

Steve Wright 979-845-9413
Materials Characterization Facility

The Materials Development and Characterization Center focusses on the fabrication of metals, alloys, compounds and ceramic materials as well as the characterization of their structure, and mechanical, thermal, and magnetic properties.

James Batteas 979-845-4719
Materials Development and Characterization Center

Ibrahim Karaman 979-862-3923
Mechanical Engineering Machine Shop

Richard Hanhart 979-845-1768
Microscopy and Imaging Center

The Microscopy and Imaging Center provides services and training in Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy and Light Microscopy imaging, sample preparation, image processing and analysis.

Stanislav Vitha 979-845-1607
Microscopy Core

Darwin Prockop 254-771-6810
Model and Machining Center

Lance Bullard 979-845-6153
Molecular Cytogenetics and Genomics Core Facility

We offer conventional and molecular cytogenetic services for domestic and laboratory animals, and wild species. This includes species identification, karyotyping, analysis of genomic instability, analysis of sex chromosomes and fluorescence in situ hybridization.

Terje Raudsepp 979-862-2879
National Corrosion and Materials Reliability Center

Homero Castaneda 979-862-6835
NMR Facility

Daniel Singelton 979-845-9166
Oral and Maxillofacial Imaging Center

Jennifer Gonzalez 214-828-8479
Pharmaceutical Research Facility

Juan Bustamante 361-593-4495
Phenotyping Services

Ben Morpurgo 979-458-5494
Physics and Astronomy Electronics Shop

The Electronics Shop provides design, construction, PCB fabrication and repair of electronic equipment. We also provide a parts store with 4000 parts and liquid nitrogen.

Steve Payne 979-845-4011
Physics and Astronomy Mechanical Machine Shop

Garrick Garza 979-845-2921
Plant Growth Facilities

Roger Horn 979-458-4237
Polymer Technology Center

Hung-Jue Sue 979-845-5024
Protein Chemistry Lab

The Protein Chemistry Laboratory provides protein analytical services, hands on training workshops, and individual consultation. Services include mass spectrometry-based proteomic analysis (MALDI and ESI), amino acid analysis, automated Edman sequencing and protein and peptide separations.

Larry Dangott 979-845-2965
Quantitative Biology Core

Robert Chapkin 979-845-0419
Radiation Effects Facility

Henry Clark 979-845-1411
Radiogenic Isotope Geosciences Facility

Luz Maria Romero 979-862-7248
Sea Life Facility

Katie St. Clair 409-741-4392
Sediment and Erosion Control Laboratory

Jett McFalls 979-847-8709
Shared Services Facility

Haejune Kim 979-862-3207
Soil, Water and Forage Testing Laboratory

Tony Provin 979-862-4955
SQUID Magnetometer

Nattamai Bhuvanesh 979-845-8290
Stable Isotopes for Biosphere Science Laboratory

This core has two isotope ratio mass spectrometers capable of determining the stable isotope ratios of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen in a wide variety of organic and inorganic matrices to better understand the biogeochemistry of the earth-atmosphere-hydrosphere-biosphere system.

Tom Boutton 979-845-8027
Stable Isotopes for Geosciences Facility

Brendan Roark 979-862-1775

Dennis Havemann 979-845-3335
Survey Research Lab

Kirby Goidel 979-845-8800
TEES Nuclear Science Center

Sean McDeavitt 979-862-1745
Texas Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab

Kevin Ong 979-845-8032
Transgenic Services

Ben Morpurgo 979-458-5494
X-ray Diffraction Laboratory

The X-ray diffraction laboratory's focus is to determine molecular structure from single-crystal samples and to perform high resolution X-ray powder diffraction. We are a full service facility, able to determine the three dimensional structure and provide diffraction analysis of solid materials.

Joseph Reibenspies 979-845-9125
XRF Core Scanning Facility

A third-generation AvaaTech energy-dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (ED-XRF) core scanner is located in the Geosciences Lab (B140) at 1000 Discovery Drive. The scanner provides non-destructive elemental identification from the surface of sediment or rock core section halves.

Brian LeVay 979-458-1155
Animal Genetics Core

We provide animal parentage verification, identification, coat color testing, horse ancestry testing and genetic diagnostics of inherited disorders and traits.

Rytis Juras 979-845-6524
Biomedical Engineering Shared Laboratories

Amanda Myatt 979-458-2317
Mechanical Engineering Shared Services Facilities

Haejune Kim 979-862-3207
IBT Rigor & Reproductibility Core

Rigor & Reproducibility Core core assists investigators with incorporating Rigor and Reproducibility into their research by performing rigorous statistical and bioinformatics analysis.

Kurt Zhang 713-677-7476
IBT Protein Production Core

Protein Production Core Facility is dedicated to providing expression and purification services of functional proteins at a scale that meets the quantity and purity benchmarks for structural, biophysical, biochemical, and therapeutics studies.

Wen Liu 713-677-7583