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Multifunctional polymer-based and soft materials have become a key enabling technology in healthcare, energy, transportation, nutrition and consumer products. The current design of multifunctional soft materials integrates several functions, such as structural performance and stimuli-sensitivity or degradability. A detailed knowledge of structure of these hierarchically organized materials on different length scales and the capabilities to build them are strongly dependent on soft-material-specific characterization tools.

The Soft Matter Facility (SoMF) is the only user facility in Texas specifically dedicated to state-of-the-art characterization of soft materials with an emphasis on hierarchically organized multicomponent material systems. Existing and new instrumentation will be made available to the entire Texas A&M community and external users (including other research organizations, industry, and hospitals). The SoMF will include four instrumentation suites based on the soft-matter-centered research areas which will be unified by the general theme of characterization of hierarchically structured multi-component, multifunctional soft materials: Molecular Characterization, Nanostructure Characterization, Processing and Mechanics, and Thin Film and Interfacial Analysis.

The facility will enable new discoveries in various application areas such as health/homecare, soft robotics, bio-manufacturing and environmental protection. SoMF will bring researchers of different disciplines from Houston, Austin, Dallas and elsewhere to Texas A&M, and will serve as the nucleus for large-scale, interdisciplinary interactions throughout Texas. In addition, SoMF will have a significant educational impact, as it will enhance the existing curriculum and facilitate the establishment of a M.S. degree program in polymer science and engineering – an important employment sector for Texas industry.


Svetlana Sukhishvili | Director
(979) 458-8408

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Open:  Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM

  1313 Research Pwky, Ste 100
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David Truong
Research Scientist
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