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Electrical Measurements Lab

Overview of Services

The increasing pace and complexity of our physical world has manifested a new term, cyber-physical systems, the interface between computers, networking and the physical world. One key component of this increasing interconnection between the on-line world and our physical world is the art of electrical measurements. From detecting ultra-weak signals from distant spacecraft to controlling the worldwide electrical power grid, the ability to understand and perform electrical measurements is key.

The Electrical Measurements Lab will provide students a state-of-the-art facility where they can translate electrical theory into real-world case studies, encompassing measurements needed in existing and emerging fields, and scales from nanowatts to kilowatts and Hz to TeraHz.

The Electrical Measurements Lab will be a relatively ‘fixed’ lab,  supporting high-volume courses, with known, proven equipment.



Aydin I. Karsilayan, Commitee Chair,




Name Role Phone Email Location
David Staack
ZEEC Common Lab Director
MEOB 328

Available Equipment and Resources

Open Access Workstations (2)