Fluids Lab

Overview of Services

This laboratory is part of the College of Engineering Common Labs Core. The goal of the Common Fluids Laboratory is to provide a high impact learning environment where theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom is experienced in the laboratory. It is expected that a student completing an experiment or set of experiments will have a stronger understanding of the concepts taught in the theory courses and how these are represented in reality. In addition, the student will be become better engineer by having a practical experience of safety, sensors, data analysis, teamwork, ethics, and others.   

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

8am - 8pm      

202 Spence Street, College Station, TX 77843
ENPH 404 and ENPH 403
College Station TX 77845



Name Role Phone Email Location
Ramalakshmi Akella
ENPH 404A 

Available Equipment and Resources

Admin use only (1)
Chemical Process (5)
Flow Visualization (1)
Fluid Properties (6)
Process Control / Simulation (1)
Waterflow Benches and Accessories (11)